Two people using rope swing near river

Always in Season

冬天. 春天. 夏天. 秋天.

Swift County offers four distinct seasons – summer, 秋天, winter and spring – each with its own allure and recreational opportunities.

The average daily temperature is 72 degrees in the summer, perfect for playing golf, biking a trail, or attending one of the area’s many outdoor festivals. Temperatures make it into the 90s during late summer days, but they seldom exceed 100 degrees.

春天 and 秋天 are crisp and refreshing and abound with planting and harvest activity. 春天 turns the landscape green as fields and trees fill with new growth; in 秋天 greens turn to reds and golds as the countryside makes way for winter. The average daily temperature in spring is 47 degrees; in the 秋天, it is 50 degrees.

冬天 brings with it about 43 inches of snow, just enough to turn the region into a winter wonderland and offer opportunities for snowmobiling, skiing and of course, ice fishing!  The average daily temperature is 14 degrees.